Handmade wooden leaves

Wooden leaves

All leaves are cut from 1/8″ baltic birch plywood and can be ordered unpainted or painted. The hand painting is done using spray paints. Each leaf is unique. Leaves are painted with yellow, orange, red, green and sometimes brown. An attempt is made to make both sides match. (It all depends on the wind!)
You may order them painted on both sides or only one.
Great for wreaths, wedding favors, table decorations, or just spreading around!


Unpainted leaves:


  • small (the size of coins) : $0.30 each
  • medium: $0.40 each
  • large: $0.70 each
  • jumbo: $0.90 each  (this size is most suited for wedding favors)
wooden leaves

Wooden leaves in a variety of sizes.



  • oak (the red one at 9:00)
  • maple (12:00, 2:00 and 6:00)
  • elm (oval at 3:00)
  • sycamore (4:00)


Painted Leaves

Unfortunately, I can no longer find inexpensive yellow paint so I had to drastically increase the painted leaf price.

  • small (the size of coins) : $0.60 each 2 sides, $0.50 1 side
  • medium: $0.80 each 2 sides, $0.70 1 side
  • large: $1.25 each both sides, $1.15 1 side
  • jumbo: $1.50 each  (this size is most suited for wedding favors), $1.30 1 side

A hole for a ribbon or an ornament hanger can be drilled at no additional charge. And, the leaves come sanded